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Materials constitute an important aspect in the development, design and manufacture of a product.

Selecting a wrong material could result in product and business failure, whilst the correct choice often results in high product quality and economic or performance success of an organization.

It is this challenge that propels LMS into playing a synergistic role in materials research & development with the Industry and Institutions.



Universal Hardness Tester


DSC 300 Caliris


Cast Film Line


Optical Contact Angle รุ่น OCA 200




MARS 40 Rheometer




A Melt Flow indexer with high end measuring relevant components and highest precision by using minimal automation modules. 


• MFR and MVR measurement according ISO1133 und ASTM D1238 – Procedure A – B - C  

• Determination of Melt Density

• High resolution displacement transducer 0,003mm/Impulse

• Handling of measurement via single multifunctional Button

• Display of the Parameter menu and measurement results via VNC – possible on various PC’s


A capillary rheometer is designed to determine the flow and vulcanization behavior of rubber compounds in a short test under processing conditions. The measurement of thermosets is also optionally possible.

The RCR is optimized for the shortest possible measuring time and easy operation to provide very fast results especially in QC applications. A typical measurement takes about 2-5 minutes.

The "Normal Stress Die" is designed to simultaneously measure steady state shear viscosity and first normal stress difference of viscoelastic liquids via capillary rheometer.

The new slit-radial die which was developed in cooperation with the "Institute for Technical and Polymer Chemistry" (Working Group of Prof. Wilhelm) of the KIT in Karlsruhe, serves as an Add-on for polymer differentiation for the updated series of Capillary Rheometers and as a modular retrofit for existing instruments.

The IV Tester is a measuring instrument for characterizing the average molecular weight. It quickly, easily and reliably determines Intrinsic Viscosity, also known as Staudinger Index or Solvent Viscosity.



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For more information about our products, please visit

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