96x48 (1/8 DIN) formats manufactured with SMT. 

The instruments have a lexan membrane faceplate (guaranteed to IP65) which has 3 keys, a 5 digit display and 4 indicating LED's for the output statuses.

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  • Strain-gauge or potentiometer input -configurable by faceplate
  • Sensor supply check
  • Easy to calibrate with sensitivity auto-ranging
  • Protected by a personal code
  • Configurable by serial link
  • Internal linearisation for engineering units
  • Labels provided for the more common physical units
  • Sampling time and trip intervention programmable between 15 and 120msec with resolution between 4000 and 30000 steps
  • Retransmission of the measured variable signal
  • 4 trip points, completely configurable from the faceplate
  • 6 wires calibration o Version for magnetostrictive sensors