Spin Coater

The Easyline Lab Spinner Modules from Obducat are available in bench mounted model, table top model, or standalone process tools which provides high uniformity and repeatability, and at the same time user friendly and easy maintenance. 

The applications of ObducatEasyline Lab Spinner Modules are used for Cleaning, Rinsing, Coating, Drying, Developing, or Etching.

  • Wafer size up to Ø 12“ (Ø 300 mm) or substrate size up to 9“ X 9“ (230 mm X 230 mm)
  • Simple change over from Ø 2“- 12” wafers and up to 9” X 9” substrates
  • Programmable spin speed up to 6000 rpm
  • Manual switch for chuck vacuum with vacuum gauge
  • Color touch screen allows easy operation
  • Transparent cover lid with safety interrupt sensor
  • CE Marked