EB 16-II

The ELASTOCON EB 16-II Hot Set Tester is used for performing hot set testing of cable material according to IEC 60811-2-1 and other equivalent standards. The Tester is built on an ageing oven which performs inside the apparatus requirements in IEC 811. 

The samples are introduced through a specially designed small opening in the top of the oven in order to avoid too much heat loss when inserting and cutting the samples. 

The oven has a controlled air exchange rate and low air speed which can be controlled by a flow meter, meeting the requirements for ageing ovens in IEC 811. 

Measurements are made through the window with a laser pointer mounted on a measuring scale placed on the door. With a push on a button on the scale, the elongation is measured and the values automatically are entered into a spreadsheet template through a Bluetooth connection. 

The templates are for testing 3 flat samples, 3 round samples, 4 flat samples with possibility to have 2 different materials, and 4 round samples with possibility to have 2 different materials. 

The set is measured outside the oven with a digital calliper which is also connected to the computer. A finished report can be produced by using a standard spreadsheet software.

  • Special design with controlled air exchange rate and low air speed
  • The sample holder moves up and down by a servo motor driven screw system and ensure samples are not shaken during insertion
  • Temperature variation in time up to ±0.25°C
  • Temperature variation in space up to ±0.5 %
  • Temperature controller with 0.1°C setpoint
  • Temperature indicator with sensor in the test space
  • Solid state relay for safe control
  • Adjustable over and under temperature limits with alarm
  • Fixed over temperature fuse at 340°C
  • Over temperature safety relay
  • Flowmeter with needle valve, for setting the air exchange rate
  • The temperature, timers, alarms and movement are controlled by a micro PLC with colour touch screen
  • Laser pointer for measuring the elongation
  • Calliper for measuring the tension set
  • Temperature controlled cooling fan for the electronics cabinet
  • Laser pointer for measuring the elongation
  • Run-time meter