Film Creep Tester, EB 24

The EB 24 Film Creep Tester from ELASTOCON is designed based on the EB 10-II ageing oven. This instrument has a digital ruler system which includes a laser line pointer to measure the creep manually. The ruler is also connected to a computer that will transfer the values into a spreadsheet template and the results/graphs will be calculated automatically.

  • Temperature variation in time ± 0,25 °C
  • Temperature variation in space ± 0,5 %
  • Special design with controlled air exchange rate and low air speed
  • Fixed set air exchange rate 7 or 14 changes per hour, preset by manufacturer
  • The air speed is low and is dependent on the air exchange rate only
  • Temperature indicator with sensor in the inner chamber
  • Temperature controller with 0,1 °C set point
  • Fixed over temperature fuse
  • Cooling channels in the casing for low surface temperature
  • Run time meter
  • Countdown timer
  • Door sensor to turn off heat and illumination when door is opened
  • 4 glass window in the door
  • Digital ruler and line laser to measure the samples connected to the computer via bluetooth