PREP C20 is a fully automated preparative pilot plant type equipment designed to fractionate, in a column support, high amounts of polymer according to its chemical composition by a Temperature Rising Elution Fractionation (TREF) process.

  • Subambient operation thanks to an integrated compressor (no need for liquid coolants).
  • Virtual Instrumentation software with full control of the instrument hardware and process.
  • Possibility of remote control connection to allow a fast diagnosis from Polymer Char Service Center.
  • Fully automated fractionation process:

-Two samples can be fractionated simultaneously.

-No hot solvents handling.

-Fractionation up to 2-5 grams of sample (depending on the sample).

-Up to 16 fractions can be obtained from a parent sample.

  • Future extension to other column-based fractionation methods:

-Different columns (Interaction Chromatography).

-Solvent-non solvent column-based molar mass fractionation.