LabManual Series Platen Press

The LabManual series Laboratory Platen Presses with offer of model 50 and 300, are able to handle pressing needs up to 50kN and 300kN respectively at 200°C or 300°C. The press also allows the use of low closing forces. The results have been proven to be accurate and consistent over time regardless of any setting the user has chosen. Fontijne LabManual series Presses are widely used in many different sectors and applications especially in the rubber, polymer and composite industries.

Thanks to its modest footprint, the LabManual press can easily get into and nicely installed in any laboratory. The equipment features closed hydraulics operation which prevents oil from leaking. The LabManual press has been designed with priority in safety, while its ergonomic design and straightforward operation make life easier for laboratory technicians. Fontijne LabManual press is the perfect choice for applications that require accuracy and consistency, but where the number of samples to be prepared is moderate, which allow manual operation.

Fontijne Presses offers several options for getting the best performance out of the LabManual series.

Active water cooling (only LabManual 300)

Using the active water-cooling circuit, the LabManual 300’s press platens can be cooled down quickly. This allows the user to save time to continue using the press for upcoming tasks that need a lower temperature setpoint. The active water cooling option includes an air blow system which uses compressed air to clean the cooling channels of the press platens. This feature can prevent dirt from settling in the channels.

Chromated backing platens

When using higher temperature settings, the sample material may adhere to the platens. This can easily be prevented by using a set of a chromated backing platens.

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